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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fires nearly a dozen community liaison workers. that is our big story tonight at 6:00. gregg bernstein says it would not be financially responsible to keep those positions. >> he met with each of the nine employees to personally give them their pink slips. george lettis is live with more on the changes. >> committee coordinators by a big role in helping crime victims get restitution payments that are sometimes in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. it is what critics say these firings could end up costing you. baltimore city's top prosecutor fired 11 community coordinators from his office this week, citing budget constraints. these are the lower paid workers who are the liaisons' between crime victims and the court system. they held secure convictions in small crimes cases by gathering documents to prove the victims deserve restitution payments. >> that information needs to be
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accessible to the judge at the time of sentencing. these individuals are critically important to make sure that justice is served for the average citizen who is a crime victim in the city of baltimore. >> marty burns is a former spokesperson for patricia jessamy, who fought to keep the coordinators in her office. >> they are the eyes and ears of individual citizens. if you have a complaint or need a question answered, they are very accessible. >> one of the fire coordinators told us this was a complete sucker punch. i cannot tell you how devastated i am about this. >> the coordinators or given a months severance pay and will work until june. they made roughly a $50,000 a year. two were given similar positions in the court system. a spokesperson this afternoon
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said there is a three-person team to do all of this work. they say it is a challenge that they can meet. >> state police the have charged the car's driver involved in yesterday's bus driver accident on the eastern shore. investigators say the 49-year- old is now charged with negligent driving, among several other offenses. the bus was carrying children and parents on a field trip to the washington suit. 16 people were taken to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries. >> now to an international story that is still developing. at least 80 people were killed and more than 100 wounded in a bombing in pakistan. the taliban claimed responsibility, saying the attacks were revenge for the killing of osama bin laden. >> the white house says it
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remains in a state of high vigilance after this attack. in northwest pakistan, a scene of chaos after apparent suicide bombers blew themselves up outside a military police training facility. a spokesman for the taliban said it carried out the attacks to avenge the killing of osama bin laden. >> would consider that it only highlights the ex essentials threat that these kind of extremist organizations pose. >> even before it happened, robert gates said he was worried about the safety of the navy seals that carried out the deadly raid. >> when i met with the team last thursday, they expressed a concern about that, with respect to their families in particular. >> measures are being taken to protect their privacy.
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foreign policy strategist wonder if the administration said to much, too soon. >> i find it very interesting that given this was a covert operation, so many officials in the administration more willing to talk publicly about this. >> a pentagon spokesperson says the secretary's comments or not meant to be a criticism of a particular person or office. military officials are reportedly reviewing video from the cameras weren't by the field team in that raid. -- worn by the field team in that raid. >> white house and pentagon officials confirm that u.s. investigators have been able to speak with bin laden's wives, although they would not go into details about that interrogation other than to say they were hostile and uncooperative. >> brian williams will have the latest on the deadly blast in
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pakistan, coming up at 6:30. >> we have enjoyed a lovely stretch of warm temperatures, but it looks like we'll have a stretch of the opposite. >> you are right. cooler temperatures and less sunshine are the theme as we head into the weekend and maybe even parts of next week. you can see the change in the weather pattern approaching from the west. most of the activity staying west of hagerstown for now, but what you see is what is coming our way for the upcoming weekend. details on the forecast and a couple of minutes. >> delaware has become the 16th state to allow but use of medical marijuana. the new law allows people 18 and older with certain conditions that could be alleviated by marijuana to possess up to 6 ounces of the drug.
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patients would be referred to state license compassion centers. >> is prime time across the state, but for one of the worst didn't, getting to the prom has become quite a battle -- 41 baltimore's didn't. >> the northwestern senior prom is set to begin around 8:00 tonight in cockeysville. a couple of days ago, one senior learn she was not going to be able to bring her best friend. the dress is ready, but the young lady planning to where it was recently told she is not allowed to attend northwestern high school senior prom. >> i was thankful that my best friend invited me to her prom. >> she dropped out of school two years ago and was invited to the prom by her best friend. she says the rejection happen to days before the scheduled event. after paying $300 in dues, she
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tried to go pick up our tickets and then formed a school official about her guest. >> he said cheryl smith, we have been looking for her to read enroll her. >> i said she was about to start a ged program and he said they need prove that she is starting a ged program or doing something with her life. >> her mother says an assistant principal told her that smith could not come as a guest because she dropped out of school and drop out should not be able to participate in prom. >> this is not fair to my child because this should be the best day of her life and is turning into the worst day of her life. >> the assistant principal said prom is a school activity and provided information bonds -- provided information on prom
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policy. meetings about the prom rules were held with students and parents in september and april. this letter describes from participation requirements, including that students must be in good standing. all guests must be 21 or under and the guest id must be registered and approved. smith shows this used she purchased and the car that was rented to transport them to the prom. this morning, northwestern did agree to let her sister, as a guest. she does attend the school here, but her family did not think they could get her ready in time. she is still planning to take her original guest. >> students all over maryland and getting ready for the prom. here is tyler from chestertown
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and this picture came entitled top of the world. we would like to see more of your prom pictures on >> drivers, get ready to pay more to pass through the holes in their lives. state officials say an increase is unavoidable. >> a championship ring is stolen from the sports legends museum. i will have the story after the break. >> the orioles left-handed pitcher did not get the decision last night but he did get a unique place in baseball history. >> showers and thunderstorms in the mountains moving in our direction. the forecast is straight ahead. the forecast is straight ahead. cloudy skies what do we have here?
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>> we have breaking news right now. >> north east baltimore city police district, this would be the 5700 block. a shooting at this location. we are not sure of the severity of it nor are we sure who is responsible for it, but we do know they are getting ready to take the victim to a local hospital. >> drivers, get ready to pay more for tolls and maryland. the proposed increases would take effect on october this -- october 1 this year and july of 2013. commuter rates will be $1.50 in the first phase and $2.80 in the second phase.
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other tolls will rise from $2 to $3 in october to $4 in 2014. the transportation secretary says toll increases are unavoidable because of the need to pay bondholders four existing debts and growing demands on the bridges, tunnels, and roads. gas prices are going down, at least slightly. one baltimore gas station dropped its price by 10 cents a gallon on live tv, but unfortunately, the statewide average only dropped by one penny over night. if your looking for low gas prices, which compared gas prices across the area on >> an amateur baseball it is
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been shipped ring has been stolen from the sports legends museum downtown. workers say it was taken right out of a display case. lowell melser has more on that debt. >> museum officials tell as the ring actually belonged to orioles scout walter youse. its sentimental value is of the charts because he was considered by many to be the backbone of amateur baseball. the executive director of the sports legend museum, the depth of the rain is an absolute shock. >> i think it is a dastardly deed and is not a good day for our museum or for the baltimore sports community. >> youse was presented the championship ring back in 1996 by the all-american amateur baseball association. the value is somewhere around $2,000.
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it was protected by a sturdy glass case. texted is especially hurtful that someone would come along and steal a ring that is representative of how good walter was and all that he meant to the committee. >> museum officials said that two other items have been stolen in the last 30 years including a baseball stolen by the 1934 all- star team. the museum wants the ring back, no questions asked. >> when you take away that championship ring, which is emblematic of just how good walter was with his teams, that takes away a piece from us and makes our job harder to tell his story. >> baltimore city police are investigating and asking anyone with information to call the southern district.
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>> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we did not have all that bright sunshine, but at least we have not had the strong and thunderstorms that are showing up in the mountains to our west. those lightning producing thunderstorms are nearly stationary. they are not really tracking east but hanging off on the boundary between warm air in the ohio valley and some cooler air here in the mid atlantic. for the time being, it does not look like we will have to deal with that part of this unsettled weather pattern, although some of the showers are likely to inch in our direction overnight and into the morning. officially at bwi marshall, the temperature was 6 degrees cooler than normal. the record high for the day goes back to 95 degrees.
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high pollen counts for tree and grass pollen. we are just looking at scattered showers in the forecast. 82 at columbus, ohio. charleston west virginia is 81 degrees. that is the front that is generating the showers and thunderstorms out west. you can see those clouds blossom in the heat of the day off to the west of us. in rain we get is likely to be just scattered rain showers tracking through overnight into tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, a couple of thunderstorms may break out, but in general, just cloudy and cool.
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30% chance of showers tonight, going up to about 60% tomorrow with an outside chance that toward evening there could be some thunder west of town. 67-72 for the high tomorrow. the slow-moving storm system is still sitting back out of the middle of the country and will take several days to clear the mid-atlantic region. we do not expect our fourth pass -- are forecast to improve until tuesday or wednesday as far as sunshine. sunday afternoon and evening, more shares and storms in the area. monday and have a little sun breaking through at times, but still a chance for more shares and storms in the afternoon. that goes on through monday of next week. waves around 1 foot on the bay tomorrow. western maryland has the best chance for a thunderstorm.
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the lower eastern shore, the cooler temperatures because the winds are coming in off the ocean. only 64 on the beach. we will warm up to 75 on sunday. hit or miss storms continue through wednesday. thursday and friday, the weather pattern will likely hold into the weekend, because that is preakness' weekend. >> it does not happen often. last night the starters both threw nine shutout innings, but neither got the decision. it is only the fifth time in 20 years that scenario has played out in the major leagues. it does not count as a complete game since it went to extra innings.
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ninth-inning, it looks like a shallow shot into right field. jack wilson jackknifes backwards to make the catch. bottom of the 12th, a tying run. the orioles win, 2-1. buck showalter admitted he does not know what to expect next from his team. >> we will turn the page and do some traveling. we will just get on the plane and had to tampa and see what the boys have in store tomorrow.
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>>zack hampel caught three foul balls during the game. it turns out he has a habit of doing this. the 33-year-old travels around the country in his free time visiting ball parks and snagging out of an home runs. he claims to have caught nearly 5000 balls at major league ballparks. he gives many of them away to little kids who do not catch any balls during their trip to the ballpark. the orioles are at rays tonight. tampa comes in in first place tonight. in less than two weeks, we will talk about a first course to finish this year's preakness.
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this horse was named after an air-conditioning executive in oklahoma. the help he can become the first -- stepping into the spotlight at pimlico present his horse with the new experience. >> the kind of lost his focus down the backside. he really finished up strong, and that is where we want him to finish. >> stick around for the seven- day forecast, still ahead. st
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